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Cassandra Kiki Ami

Nurturing our relations and our planet

E.R.A.S (Ecosystem Restoration Artistry Systems) is a women-run landscape management cooperative. We provide consultation, design, and ecological services for governmental agencies and private estate stewards.

Services include wildlife and botanical surveys, habitat restoration, landscape design, post-fire reforestation, river restoration, endangered species surveys, and Bioinclusive Ecotours.

We are inspired by the work and ethics of John D Liu, Rudolf Steiner, Buckminster Fuller, Nikola Tesla, Shinto-based ethics of earth-care, Vandana Shiva, the Degrowth movement, Pablo Frier, E.F. Schumacher, Murry Bookchin, Vaclav Smil, Elaine Ingham, and many others. 

Our wonderful seasonal crews work collaboratively with a systems-based approach to encounter the deep regenerative core of the ecosystem at hand and nurture it back to a restorative balance. We value our relationships and prioritize the value of care and a research-based approach implemented with co-emerging artistry. 




Notable highlights:

2023: Speaker: “Emergent Convivial Ecosystem Disaster Response Teams” at conference Empowering Futures – Long-term Governance, Democracy and Futures Research in Turku, Finland

"There is an urgent need for long-term futures thinking in order to sustain possibilities for alternative and creative solutions to complex crises and empower futures. (Empowering Futures Conference explores solutions for) the futures of democracy, trust, power, and sustainability, which are tightly connected to these crises.".........READ LAST YEARS CONFERENCE ISSUE

2022: Oregon Department of Forestry Policy Research and Proposal

PODS and Land Exchange for Climate Resilience

Watch video

"This report summarizes a landscape-scale approach to address underlying causes of wildfire and natural disaster resilience, establishing an opportunity to address the fundamental cause on a large scale, with public-private partnerships, federal, and state owners in cooperation to support wildfire resilience and climate adaptation. This approach utilizes the tool of Land Exchange informed by PODS Potential Operational Delineations, to address the root cause of land fragmentation and conflicts arising from dispersed tenure during disaster management, wildfire efforts, the implementation of climate-smart forests, and climate change initiatives. The resulting simplification of ownership delineations enables land managers, planners, responders, and scientists to implement strategies necessary for the mitigation and adaptation of cross-boundary wildfires, climate change, energy transformation, carbon storage, essential data collection, and ecosystem integrity. Implemented structured and strategically, Land Exchange facilitates climate-smart forest and efficient fire management.

2021: Speaker: ‘Managing Wildfire for Ecosystem Restoration Deliverables’ United Nations Declaration of Ecosystem Restoration, June 5th, 2021Department of Forestry, Dolphin PG Institute of Biomedical and Natural Sciences Dehradun, India

“...As we ​​consider wildfires now and in our future, stewarding them for multiple resource objectives has the potential to meet our collective needs ecologically, economically, and for renewed equity. This invitation that has been placed before us to work together regeneratively…”





Cassandra Kiki Ami studied Political Ecology and Degrowth at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona for her graduate studies, holds a BA in Regenerative Systems from Evergreen, and conducted independent research alongside Seattle and Portland Community Colleges in Indigenous Medicine intersection with TCAM modalities from an herbalists and Traditional Japanese Medicine perspective. Additionally attending the ULAB program with MIT, ClasLite for Forest Degradation at Stanford, GIS Systems with UC Davis, and Ecosystems Services through the Institute of Environmental Science at the University of Geneva.

C.Kiki Ami has organized inclusivity and ecologically focused events for Village Building Convergence, Escuela Gratis, RRFM, and Portland area elementary schools. She has been a featured artist in Art Basel for her show on decomposition as viewed through traveling in Δt = αM - α, and has community murals themed around Bioremediation and Community Care in San Fransisco and Barcelona. 


C.Kikis multicultural nomadic childhood between the Sonoran and Cascadian bioregions informs her appreciation of the plant and mineral life, and appreciation for the migrant communities, both human and non-human. She has studied and lived across the USA,  Montreal, Paris, Barcelona, Oaxaca City, Guatemala. With formable stints in Morrocco, Portugal, and former Yugoslavia, regions of Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia. Her approach to stewardship and forestry support services is to improve relationships between soil organisms, plant, animal, and human interactions. May we learn to truly see and appreciate one another. 

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