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E.R.A.S : Ecosystem Restoration Artistry Systems.

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Each of us has a responsibility and a purpose. As humans, our species has the unique and beneficial purpose of stewarding the world around us. To tend, to nurture, to participate. Our social and economic attempts have impacted our ecosystems- many times negativly. Natural systems are innately resilient and regenerative, so with the growing awarness of our collective actions, each of us can participate in remediating and restoring the environments around us, bringing in a healthier, more vibrant future for us and all living beings. May we work together for healthy ecosystems, healthy communities, and a future to fall in love with. 

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Land Stewardship Planning

Create a living document that considers all aspects of your property: Soil health, watershed management, riparian and wildlife zones, fire resiliancy, GHG capture, and landscaping in the era of climate change. 

Ecosystem Restoration Guidance

Ecological & Carbon Valuation

Moving beyond the traditional forms of land managment and static sustainability, we participate in teh global efforts as declared by the 2020 UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration to ensure our efforts are for the present and future restoration of our planet.

Adding to and recognising the value and benefits of Ecosystem Services, relationship building, the practice of care, circular economies, planetary limits, and CO2 storage.


Bioinclusive consultation for viniculture

Wine & Soil, the perfect pair

Nurture a more harmonious and dynamic ecosystem for your grapes through promoting their support teams of pollinators and soil microbes

Starting at $350 or €320


Wildlife & Forest Stand Surveys

Quantitative & qualitative assessments of plant & wildlife communities

From the Cascades to the Mediterranean


Pre- & Post- Wildfire Mitigation and remediation

Prepare, protect, and replant

Forest fires can be a point of new beginnings. May it become a healing process as we leverage these changes for the well-being of all. Resilient planting guildes and seed collections available.

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