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Land Stewardship Planning

Create a living document that considers all aspects of your property: Soil health, watershed management, riparian and wildlife zones, fire resiliency, GHG capture, and landscape management. Partner with ERAS to inform your land practices with Ecosystem Restoration to move beyond the traditional forms of land management and static sustainability. Collaborate and participate in the global efforts as declared by the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration to ensure our efforts are for the present and future restoration of our planet for generations to come.

Retreats, Resorts, and Micro-Villages

We love co-creating inspiring spaces that invite active participation and relationship-building to transform anthropocentrism into ecocentrism. ERAS creates spaces that nurture an active-learning, immersive, experience for people as they walk through an environment designed to provoke connection, belonging, and a life-long commitment to learning more about our natural spaces. 

We've worked with healing resorts, meditation centers, yoga retreats, and eco-villages to consult, design, and install unique spaces for guests informed by an international ethos of planetary stewardship and a deep commitment to inclusive earth-based design. 

Government Contracting

Our professional team of biologists, technicians, and foresters are here to support government contracts in endangered species surveys, pre- and post-wildfire mitigation, PODS development, plant management, seed collection, terrestrial ecological unit inventories, trail layout and maintenance. 

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